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RC Cars

Adaugat de Vandisa pe 2009-02-22 Categorie: Jocuri | | Voturi: 2.0/1 | Comentarii (0)

RC Cars
R.C. Cars is a fun little off-road racing game that puts you in control of three different RC Cars: a Bigfoot-style truck, a six-wheeled Hummer and a racecar. Race over many different types of terrain, from beaches to busy roads. During each race, you may come across people, animals, cars, and a variety of other obstacles. Since life doesn't stop for your races, you'll need boost and jump abilities to maneuver around the obstacles in each track. In Championship mode, you can win prize money, which you can use to purchase car upgrades and unlock other tracks. Use shortcuts hidden in each track to overtake your opponents and finish first.

RACE 07 Offline Version

Adaugat de Vandisa pe 2009-02-22 Categorie: Jocuri | | Voturi: 5.0/1 | Comentarii (0)

RACE 07 Offline Version
RACE 07 - The Official WTCC Game features the full FIA WTCC season
    of  2007  including  all  cars  and tracks, as well as several new
    support  classes and tracks from all over the world. The game also
    features  the  full  WTCC season of 2006 which was included in the
    games  predecessor  RACE  - The WTCC Game, released in 2006 on PC.

    For  the  first  time ever SimBin is also presenting single seater
    action  with  Formula  cars. Race with the incredibly fast Formula
    3000,  Formula  BMW  and  in addition also the Radical sports cars
    with the models SR3 and SR4.

    To  support  these new race classes the player will be offered the
    choice between one- or two-race-format. The highly detailed damage
    system  is also adapted to give the Formula cars the vulnerability
    they have in real life.

    RACE  07  comes  with  a  score  of  new  tracks  and  added track
    variations  including  several  new  city  tracks, alternate track
    layouts  and reversed track option. Several new community oriented
    features,  game  modes  and  online  functionalities  will also be
    announced later.

    All  in  all  RACE  07  features more than 300 cars in 9 different
    classes  on  32 real life racing tracks and city circuits from all
    over the world.

A-Race Extreme Show

Adaugat de Vandisa pe 2009-02-22 Categorie: Jocuri | | Voturi: 5.0/2 | Comentarii (0)

A-Race Extreme Show
A-Race Extreme Show is a game that successfully blends the genres of thrilling adrenalin-pumping racing and an economic management sim. The aim of a player is to not only become the fastest driver around, but to be a talented manager as well. In the beginning of the game the player has to pick out one of the twelve beautiful young ladies. One of them even exists in reality - she is the winner of Miss Russia contest in 2003. Once you choose a character the task is to make your protégé as successful and famous as possible. The world of A-Race Extreme Show is a world of a TV reality show where girls from different countries (USA, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden and even the Congo) compete to become the fastest driver and to make a bid for the sympathy of the audience. The more popular the girl becomes, the higher her rating grows, the more advertising and promotion offers she receives. The aim is to make the character a superstar not just on the track, but on TV, radio and covers of magazines. First of all A-Race Extreme Show is a show and the audience loves to be entertained. The winner is not always the one to cross the finish line first, but the one who manages to amuse the public, the one who does it spectacularly, the one that makes the audience scream and applaud.

The Lord Of The Rings Conquest

Adaugat de Andicu pe 2009-02-21 Categorie: Jocuri | | Voturi: 5.0/2 | Comentarii (2)

The Lord Of The Rings Conquest
In  this  exciting,  action  strategy game, players fight on the side of both
Good  and  Evil in all the biggest battles from The Lord of the Rings movies.
The  Battlefront  format allows them to switch between characters at will, to
suit  the  circumstance or their style, reliving  and even reinventing  the
chaotic  and  engrossing  conflicts from the films as they choose how best to
tackle  their  objectives  and  defeat  their enemies. In online multiplayer,
gamers can choose to be Evil from the outset.

Iron Man

Adaugat de Andicu pe 2009-02-21 Categorie: Jocuri | | Voturi: 4.7/3 | Comentarii (0)

Iron Man
The epic, action-packed Marvel Studios production will be directed by John
Favreau and stars Robert Downey Jr., Jeff Bridges, Terrance Howard and
Gwyneth Paltrow. This third-person action game will immerse players in
explosive militaristic combat from the film with loads of additional content
created exclusively for the game

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

Adaugat de Andicu pe 2009-02-21 Categorie: Jocuri | | Voturi: 3.0/4 | Comentarii (1)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (c) Konami

Supplied by: FAIRLIGHT: Release Date: 10/22/2007
Cracked by: FAIRLIGHT Game Type: Football
Packaged by: FAIRLIGHT Image Format: ISO
DVDS: 1 Protection: Securom7
DVD1 archives: 54 x 100 MB DVD1: flt-pes8.001 -- flt-pes8.054

System Requirements: Intel Pentium 2.0 GHz, 512MB RAM, 128mb Graphics Card

Game information

PES 2008 will feature a brand new intelligence system, called Teamvision
that adapts and reacts to players own gameplay styles to ensure that the
computer controlled opponents are always challenging and forcing the player
to think and change their style of play to avoid being out-thought by the
game. It will learn counter attacks that target your weaknesses and look to
exploit any repetitive tactics players use

Defenders react better to danger, closing down the ball and charging at
shots and the goalkeepers will hold shots that are closer to them as well
Teammates will make more intelligent runs into space and the close control
has been sharpened to ensure quick and fluid passing and speedy attacks can
be built. The next gen versions will also feature extensive edit modes so
players can completely customise their PES 2008 experience

Men Of War

Adaugat de Andicu pe 2009-02-21 Categorie: Jocuri | | Voturi: 5.0/2 | Comentarii (0)

Men Of War
Men of War, the sequel to Soldiers: Heroes of World, takes place in Europe during the height of World War II. The story unfolds across three different campaigns played out through the eyes of Soviet, Allied and German soldiers. Each campaign has its own structured timeline bringing a different story of the war to life spanning across Russia, North Africa, Ukraine, Greece, Germany, Italy and the Pacific. The main Soviet campaign sees two student comrades, Smirnov and Kuznetzov, join the army and quickly become brothers in arms as they rise through the ranks and experience the rigors of war.

Men of War features 50 new units to play, including newly designed tanks, APCs and heavy guns. The single player campaign features a fully customizable user interface so players are able to set-up their command layout as they please. In addition to the in-depth single player experience, Men of War also unleashes all new multiplayer maps along with new ‘capture the flag’ and ‘high-value cargo’ modes, all faithfully recreated with stunning graphics and refined AI. A new rating system has also been introduced to ensure a fair fight in online multiplayer battles.

Game Features:
Three evolving storylines in the Soviet, Allied and German armies, comprising 19 missions in 3 campaigns
7 bonus missions for different sides of the conflict
More than 50 new units to use in multiplayer mode
Direct control system. Take over the control of every single soldier, or drive tanks and other vehicles, set up ambushes with antitank guns and blow your enemies up with precise and deadly aimed shots at their weak spots
System of ratings and statistics for every participant in multiplayer mode
New nation in multiplayer mode - Japan
Revised controls interface – customizable and easier to use
New multiplayer maps and 2 new game modes
Highly detailed WWII environments and characters and faithfully recreated with a cutting-edge graphics engine

Warhammer 40.000 Dawn of War II

Adaugat de Andicu pe 2009-02-21 Categorie: Jocuri | | Voturi: 0.0/0 | Comentarii (0)

Warhammer 40.000 Dawn of War II
This game is steam and we did not have to use a
third party installer, because we ain't stupid!

It is the distant future and the Imperium of Man has
spread across the entire galaxy. But our days of expansion
are long past. Where once we fought to conquer, now we
fight simply to survive. Savage and bloodthirsty aliens
ravage our worlds. Our defenders die by the billions in
endless wars of attrition. Devious enemies lure us into
traps and snares. Advanced alien technology claims
millions of lives in mere moments.

Now, from beyond the galaxy's edge comes the greatest
threat yet to our survival.

Once, the Emperor of Man led us in battle. We were
unstoppable. But no longer. The Emperor has withdrawn to
Earth to rule from his Golden Throne, leaving us to fight
on in his name. Across the stars, our fading armies fight
a thousand wars. We face constant attack from ruthless
aliens. We have little hope for support from Earth and we
are losing the battle for human survival. Our only hope
lies with the Space Marines, genetically modified warriors
of superhuman ability. The pinnacle of human potential.

But the Space Marines are few. The galaxy is large. And
our enemies are countless. It is humanity's darkest hour.

Sub-Sector Aurelia

This cluster of worlds stands on the very edge of the
Imperium of Man. From this frontier came the Blood Ravens,
a chapter of the Emperor's own Space Marines.

Now savage aliens seek to overrun the sector, and break
the Blood Ravens once and for all. Captain Davian Thule
and a handful of Space Marines lead the raw recruits
defending these worlds.

Now, another Space Marine joins this desperate battle...
a newly promoted Commander, ready to lead in our darkest

You are this Space Marine.

And you will tip the balance toward victory.


~ Unpack
~ Burn or mount
~ Close autorun, run install.exe from the ViTALiTY folder
~ Select a directory to extract the original installer
~ Run dxsetup & gfwlivesetupe in Install
~ Copy the crack from the ViTALiTY folder
~ Run xlive_start to start the game
~ Create an xLive offline account if asked
~ Die like the rest

The Wheel of Time PC Game for Windows

Adaugat de Andicu pe 2009-02-20 Categorie: Jocuri | | Voturi: 5.0/1 | Comentarii (0)

The Wheel of Time PC Game for Windows
"Wheel of Time is the action/strategy game based on Robert Jordan's best-selling series of fantasy novels. Created with an enhanced version of the stunning Unreal engine, The Wheel of Time mixes first person 3D action with strategy (and even a bit of role playing) in a way that your eyes - and mind - won't believe."
(description from IGN-->

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows OS, 32 MB RAM, 1 MB VRAM, 500 MB disk space

Full game with no-CD needed crack.

The WoT game can't be played without the original CD (even though it is fully installed), and won't detect virtual drives. This crack takes care of that problem by removing the need for the CD.


Adaugat de Vandisa pe 2009-02-18 Categorie: Jocuri | | Voturi: 4.8/5 | Comentarii (1)

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