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Adaugat de Vandisa pe 2019-09-16 | Voturi: 4.8/5

 Release Notes:
 Are You Street Smart?

 You build yourself a rep with killing and street knowledge. But the higher up
 you get, the more thugs want you dead.  Who do you waste? Who do you wound
 and then squeeze for info? When you enlarge your territory, you increase your

 Are you up for this game?

 In a world that combines the past with the present, the Kingpin rules the
 streets. A fully realized and populated 3D city sets the backdrops for the
 most violent, dirty, and downright frightening look ever into the life of a

 Main Features:

 * Target specific body parts and actually see the damage done - including
   exit wounds.

 * Built on top of the revolutionary Quake II engine. Up to 16 thugs can
   go at it in multi player games.

 * Talk to people the way you want, from smack to pacifying.

 * Even the odds by recruiting the gang members you want to your side.

 * Steal a bike or hop a train to get around town.


 Please Note this game is over 74mins.
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