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RC Cars

Adaugat de Vandisa pe 2019-09-16 | Voturi: 2.0/1

R.C. Cars is a fun little off-road racing game that puts you in control of three different RC Cars: a Bigfoot-style truck, a six-wheeled Hummer and a racecar. Race over many different types of terrain, from beaches to busy roads. During each race, you may come across people, animals, cars, and a variety of other obstacles. Since life doesn't stop for your races, you'll need boost and jump abilities to maneuver around the obstacles in each track. In Championship mode, you can win prize money, which you can use to purchase car upgrades and unlock other tracks. Use shortcuts hidden in each track to overtake your opponents and finish first.

- Two-player split screen mode
- LAN play (up to six players)
- Ghost Race (race against your own best result)
- Magnificent racing physics

Gameplay Video:

Notes: You can skip the Intro movie by pressing Esc or disable it by editing with Notepad and change AutoRunIntro 1 to AutoRunIntro 0 (Line 48).
You can use the included Trainer to unlock all cars and tracks.

Install: Extract (compressed with 7-Zip - - free) to any location & run RCCars.exe to start the game.
Am inclus si installer-ul la 7-zip in torrent
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