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Alarm for Cobra 11 Crash Time CLONE

Adaugat de Vandisa pe 2019-09-16 | Voturi: 5.0/1

Daring stunts, spectacular crashes, thrilling criminal cases: All fans of the
racing genre will easily fall in love with the newest game originating from the
original RTL TV-Show Alarm for Cobra 11. Various exciting cases await the player
as part of the Cobra 11 police force. Solving them requires several diverse
missions to be successfully completed: Be it helicopter chases, jumps across moving
trains or reconnaissance runs in tanks - top-notch entertainment is guaranteed!

The fifth installment of the series adaptation will not be short of daring stunts
and spectacular crashes either. Unpredictable missions free from set tracks and
opponents who seek their own escape routes thanks to the new intelligence make
the racing both dynamic and authentic, and will not only delight racing
aficionados. New extensive scenarios complete with highways, country roads and city
streets add to variety and gaming fun, and no limits are set to the players
exploration of the environments and their secrets.

Features :

* Criminal cases following the example of the series, more than 50 highly diversified tasks and 3 difficulty levels
* Single race mode with more than 40 tracks to speed along
* Battle against your friends in split screen mode
* Two huge, lavishly designed game worlds, each featuring more than 100 km of road
* New opponent AI enabling free path finding independent of set tracks
* New stunts and action, e.g. jumps over ramps
* Spectacular replay system
* Completely reworked graphic system, Next Gen look and numerous new visual effects

Notes: Use Latest Daemon-Tools PRO ADVANCED to mount it (enable all emulation options)!
You need the newest Advanced Version, disable SCSI and enable the vIDE Adapter and load
the ISO in a vIDE drive!
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2014-04-27 Spam
1. Nicola
volio questa jioco cobra 11

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