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Cultures 2 The Gates Of Asgard

Adaugat de Andicu pe 2019-08-23 | Voturi: 5.0/1

Cultures 2: The Gates of Asgard (C) Jowood

Release Date : May 18th,2002
Game Type :  Strategy


Game Infos

After the exciting adventures in Cultures - The Discovery of Vinland, the
Vikings are on the march again in Cultures 2.
It is the end of the first millennium and you are responsible for the actions
and welfare of a thriving society. Unfortunately your community is living in
fear of a huge, violent snake determined to destroy the tranquillity of their
land. Cultures 2 will take you on an amazing adventure through graphically
stunning settings as the enthralling story guides you towards its spectacular
finale. Guide your subjects through perilous missions in order to save your
world. How you succeed is your choice: Use force or aggression, use diplomacy
or cunning. You cannot afford to fail.

Crack Infos

Copy the exe in your install directory.
Use the keygen for playing in multiplayer mode.
Total comments: 3
2013-04-30 Spam
3. robertmihai

2009-12-27 Spam
2. alex
cum se descarca jocul?

2009-03-08 Spam
1. Altu
Nice 10x

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