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OverLord Reloaded(Cracked)

Adaugat de DjBagiak pe 2018-10-15 | Voturi: 4.5/2

Minimum System Requirements
- Windows XP/2000
- Intel Pentium 4 with 1.8GHz or equivalent
- 256MB RAM
- 4x DVD-ROM drive
- 128MB DirectX 9.0 compatible video card
- irectX 8.0 compatible sound card
- 4.50 free hdd space
ou’re under the employment of the CRW (Counter Revolutionary Warfare) wing of the British Special Air Service (SAS). You’d better have nerves of steel to survive The Regiment, because it is much more than just a game - what lies ahead is a tense, accurate simulation of close quarters combat, based on briefings and scenarios supplied by SAS veterans.

Scenarios in The Regiment challenge you to lead four-man teams in assaults on terrorist strongholds, rescue hostages held at gunpoint, recreate the deadly climax to the Iranian Embassy Siege of 1980 or fight battles in Britain’s corridors of power in a daring rescue at the Houses of Parliament.

Gameplay is action-oriented from insertion to extraction. There’s no need for mission planning; once the SAS gets deployed, negotiations are over! The single player campaigns are based on a variety of historical and fictional scenarios, including a recreation of the Iranian Embassy Siege of 1980.

A real-time ordering system lets you take command of an SAS assault squad and guide them through brutal close quarter battles in missions to save hostages. In-depth training modes allow you to train in the world famous SAS ‘Killing House’, learning room clearance skills and perfect the dark art of ‘double tapping’. In multiplayer team training players can hone their skills for the whole team before going online and challenging others.

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